My mother always told me as we grow up we will lose interest in many things.

This week, I’ve had sleepovers with many of my friends, (since its exam week and I have no exams)  All of my sleepovers appears to be different but dull in the same way (Sorry girls). When I was a kid, I used to come up with 1000 things to do when I had a sleepover. I would have a whole agenda planned, what we would do, what would eat really EVERYTHING, I always very excited to have my friends over and be able to just let lo0se.

See now that I am a teenager and growing up. I am not as creative as I used to be more courageous. I don’t have much spirit anymore too much.

Anyways, when I was having these sleepovers this week I did not have a clue what we would do besides eat popcorn and watch movies all night. After my friend and I pick out a whole line of movies to watch, we would make our popcorn (or grab the chips)and go down stairs.Each sleepover was the same really.
My friend would be asleep in the middle of the first movie therefore I would get bored watching the second and go to sleep aswell.

This weekend (Saturday likely)I am going to have another sleepover but with 3-4 girls. But this time it will be different. No movie watching No popcorn eating (well maybe some) and I will have it planned out and make it fun.

This brings me to my second topic, Why must teenagers drink to have fun?
I come from a town where everyone meets up on Friday or a Saturday and have a few drinks. All the teenagers go to a party or go to their friend’s house and have drinks (Even though its illegal)
I am at the point where I don’t have much interest in drinking. Its odd. But Its true.
I look at my friends who don’t drink and the ones that do drink every weekend.
My friends who don’t drink say that they really do the same thing, watch a movie and go to bed because there is nothing else to do.
The girls who do drink stay up till 3 am goofing around and having some fun talking about others or whatever they think of doing because ALCOHOL MAKES IT MORE FUN whatever they are going to do..

Therefore hearing that, I am making this an experiment. I will have an alcohol free night hoping it’ll be fun and well it might be a bit interesting hence why I will be documenting it.

So, This weekend I plan to mix these two ideas together a fun alcohol free night.

I will be having a “slumber party”with 3-4 girls. Documenting the events I plan and getting each girls opinion on things that we do.

I’ve actually researched on the web what teenagers do at their slumber parties. It actually brought in a lot of interesting things and it was totally wrong. I got all this bull crap. then I searched what kids do. It was the same thing. Same games same foods same movies SAME EVERYTHING.

This is going to be a tricky to plan.

This will seem very cheesy to most people, but like I said its going to be an experiment that I will be documenting.

The possible events:
So the cheese goes on from here.
Like I said, this will be a total sober event and probably will be awkward since everyone will know it’ll be documented and whatnot.

So here’s to my first question I had to ask myself

What made sleepovers so much fun as a kid?
I look back to all my little slumber parties when I was a kid. We used to make forts, talk about cute boys, eat chips and watch a movie, maybe a bit of gossiping aswell we used to go to the park or go out side and play tag or what not.. To be honest besides the making forts and playing tag nothing really changed we just add alcohol to the mixture.

What will make this event different?
Well to be honest I haven’t planned much, The next two days I will ask people what they like to do at sleepovers and see what they say.

therefore saying all of that in the next 3 days I will find 3-4 girls and Friday night (hopefully) i’ll have the list posted of what I will be doing and questions to ask the girls about what is different.

Sunday or monday I will post a blog how the event went!

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