I remember as a teenager, I watched the Grammy Awards every year.  When I heard of Whitney Houston’s death today, I fondly remember the innocence and pride that Whitney displayed when receiving a Grammy the first few years of her career.

Check it out!

She was one of the greatest musicians of all time and truly a believer in her faith, family and God.

The demise of her career was inexplicably her choice.  She certainly had a hard road with Bobby Brown and her addiction.  However, the good Lord did provide to her a wonderful daughter who could have been the inspiration for change.  The good Lord also praise her with a voice of an angel.  What people do not understand is that with addiction, even the people and things we cherish plays a distant second to addiction.

Today, Whitney Houston was found dead at the Beverly Hilton while preparing for Clive Davis’ Pre-Grammy Party.  He was her mentor, her friend, and a father figure.  Only hours before, her mother and Dionne Warwick spoke to her and everything was fine.  In one moment, she was gone.

This very sad death, along with Amy Winehouse and Michael Jackson, brings to light the stress of being in the music and movie industry.  The demands are high and the accessibility to things to keep you up while you are down is everywhere.

As a normal people working in different industries, many of us require a drug test on a regular basis to keep our jobs.  It’s too bad that in careers where drugs is highly accessible, like being a musician or actress, that they are not required to provide the same when signing on to a record label or production company.  This may be one way to keep the talent strong and alive.

I know…a silly thought but it may save one precious life.

Remember Whitney….Remember the Voice.  Please let’s make this death, the lesson!

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