Well once again I’ve tried to put my best foot forward to get the opportunity to see one of my idols.   While tickets for Oprah’s Life Class in Toronto sold out in a blink of an eye, I was one of those unfortunates who didn’t seize the opportunity quickly enough.

Of course, if you know me, you KNOW what I did next!  I wrote a well thought out email to the Power of Women Inc to request an opportunity to attend via a media pass.  However, to date I haven’t received a response.  That was 15 days ago so getting a response is probably a pipe dream.  But that’s OK…..

Oprah is coming to Toronto on April 16, 2012 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre ,and again, there is no doubt that I want to see her.  However, after careful consideration I’ve come to realize that no matter who ignores my queries, whomever I read in books, whomever I have coffee with or follow on Twitter, there are life lessons to be learned from every person and experience I come into contact with.    Feeling their energy does not require a ticket to an event because we learn from them and hundreds of other people on a daily basis.

Oprah has been my mentor since the age of 15.  At first I thought, who was this gossip queen on television? When she lost weight, I wanted to know her diet.  When she gained it back, and met Bob, I wanted to Make the Connection. She turned to spirituality and I started reading Louise Hay and Iyanla Vanzant.  Through her guidance, I volunteered at the I Can Do It! Toronto event and listened to the greatest motivators of all time.   I can still picture Wayne Dyer on stage, bare feet, compelling us to move forward to the changes from within.  With that, he sounds no different than he does on his podcast everyday.  However, even though he’s an enlightening and engaging icon, I’ve been inspired by the likes of Kimberley Carroll during her Soul Coaching course held in Toronto.

We are all people with messages and lessons to share.

My 39 year journey on this Earth has been riddled with life lessons.  Some good, some bad, but most of the time from within.  My journey is composed of many people who came to me in many ways.  I can honestly say that if my life ended abruptly today, my journey has been filled with laughter, tears, and joy.  I do not require the Power of Women Inc. to respond in a positive or negative response.  No response is OK with me.  I’ve done it all and I’m proud to say that I’ve responded and touched many people in my own life.

So tell me Life’s a Blog readers…are you attending Oprah’s LifeClass in Toronto Ontario?  What are your life lessons?  Are you living your best life?   Are you pleased with your journey?

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