Hi, Im Christina. -Picture Intro

Hello there, I thought I should tell all of you who I really am so here it goes.

I am Christina Hackett I was born on April 17th 1995. I was born in a small town called Gaspe Quebec.
I became a big sister 19 months after I was born… Brandon Hackett was born November 1st 1996. I knew from the day he was born I was ment to protect him (Well from stories I hear from my mom)
We moved to Ontario when he was born, and began a life here.
 I was always the weird girl. I was okay with myself at some points.But sometimes I felt alone. But I had two best friends That always had my back.

Even though I have a rocky relationship with both right now. – I still count them as my best friend since we Ive been best friends with both of them since grade 2.

Celeste and I (really curly haired girl)  were put in the same class in grade 2 from the first day we hit it off. We were so bad in grade 2-6 together. The teacher swore to never let us be in the same class again because we got on her nerves and she always had to watch us.So many things I could go on and on about Celeste and I but that will take to long. I spent most weekends with Celeste either at my house or hers.. after awhile our families started to become friends. – Her family is like my second family and she feels the same way about mine. It was great.

Taylor and I (The other girl)- I was randomly invited to her birthday not sure how we became friends to be honest but we were REALLY close after her party.She always made time for me and we were almost always together during the weekdays and maybe some weekends, Taylor used to bring me to these picnics with her whole family,which was also in this water park. It was alot of fun.
Taylor always stood up for me whenever someone would picked on me and well we just had a strong friendship.

I had to go to a different school then all my friends because I had a learning disability. So I had a really hard time leaving middle school. The girls were there for me. Throughout that whole year.

Graduating middle school was hard for me knowing that this would be the last time I would be in their graduating class. I was a wreak. Everyone was. Even Taylor. And she is not the kind of person to cry.

New school new beginnings.
Grade 9. I went to my first class. I sat in the front row since I didn`t know anyone and I wanted to socialize. Turns out I was way to shy. I went to my second class Science. It was interesting thats for sure. anyways

I met new people and became really good friends with people. *note that the blurred out people are people I don`t speak to anymore and I don`t feel like contacting them to see if its okay to share a damn picture.
I met a boy. -not posting pictures of him and I. ANYWAYS  he and I were pretty exclusive. We both strongly liked each other (I think atleast). but I don`t think it was at all love anymore because I think back and laugh since it was in grade 9 relationship that lasted like a few months.
My friend ship grew with The two girls who aren`t blurred. -sam and amanda
Taylor and I were closer then ever. We had some pretty intense things happen that year which made us stronger…then summer 2010 came..
I broke up with the guy, Taylor and I fought like dogs and well everything went down the pooper. I had lost alot of people in my life. I grew depressed and then started to act like a stupid kid again lying stealing being a total snot.
But I still had Celeste. She was like a safety net. She never let me feel low she made me feel everything was going to be okay again.
That Winter I lost it completely. I was crazy. VERY crazy. I didn`t know what the hell I was doing. One stupid night trying to call celeste hysterically, I called taylor by mistake. Since then (well kind of) we have been okay.
I transferred schools and I got my wish to graduate with my two best friends (which Is awkward because i`m on awkward terms with both of them) But oh well,
Well then I just told you the basics about my high school life.

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