Master Energy Healer Sheevaun will be conducting a one-day workshop on Saturday, April 28 at the Holiday Inn Cambridge. Sheevaun, a California-based energy healer, has taught more than 10,000 people how to use energy to transform their health, lives and relationships.

“When you work with western traditional medicine, it’s masking the problems,” explains Sheevaun.

“So with the techniques and technologies that I use and teach, it gives the body and brain the ability to open the portal – to allow the body to do it’s job in an exponential fashion.”

Sheevaun spent many years in the pharmaceutical industry as a computer programmer, but she became deathly ill and her body told her it was time for a change. Since leaving the corporate world, she has studied and trained with the most advanced energy masters and yogis in the world.

The one-day workshop will provide the keys to arrive at more energy naturally, have radiant health, increased personal power, and healthier, happier relationships every single day.

“I just give people the power back into their own hands and their own minds, so that they can reclaim their own energy, their own innate ability to heal and really just allow miracles to happen day in and day out.”


What: Change your life in one day
Who: Master Energy Healer Sheevaun
When: April 28 from10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Where: Holiday Inn Cambridge, 200 Holiday Inn Dr. Cambridge, ON

Content includes:

-How you are wired for health and healing
-How the mind and body work to prevent or allow healing
-Practical techniques for getting rid of pain instantly
-Energetic anatomy and how to use them to your advantage
-Prescriptions for self-healing of most minor ailments
-Powerful breathing techniques to calm, clear and energize
-Much more!

For tickets and workshop details, call 519-632-7848 or visit
Visit Sheevaun’s website at


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