Don’t be fooled by a over confident tweet or Facebook post……it happens to EVERYONE!  Yes, we all get it every once and a while.  Insecurity!  That horrible position where we feel we are not capable or worthy enough to take the chances that are brought forth to us.

I started off blogging for family, then eventually, I posted my blog on Facebook for friends to read as well.  People commented and stated that I should be writing and submit my work.  Still today, my insecurity has kept that dream at arm’s length.

As time went on, I joined Twitter and generated a following of strangers!  Some who really like me!  I worked my ass off to create meaningful messages in hopes that I can give solace to just one person who is feeling the same way.

However, as my blog evolved, I started sharing pop culture stories along with my daily musings and mishaps.

There are days that I just simply want to throw in the towel as I think I’m not good enough, popular enough, or rich enough to grow and prosper as many have before.  After my personal ranting, I return to my computer only to generate another blog post!

Yes, blogging is my passion.  I do not spend much time marketing myself, but when I do, I make my time worthwhile.  I have slacked off on chatting  and started focusing on the other aspects of my business.  As of tonight, I still take pride in my blog even though it isn’t a huge income generator.  I take pride in knowing that someday it may be!  For now, my blog is enough.

Tonight, I visited the darkest knight of the blogger’s soul.  I have chastised myself, intimidated myself, made fun of myself, and said “I’m not worthy” countless times as I prepare for the biggest interview in Life’s a Blog history.  I am interviewing the legendary rock group The Cult on Wednesday.

As I started researching this band, I’ve come to realize that even Ian Astbury, lead singer, has experienced times where he visited his dark knight of the soul.  I listened to a few interviews and quickly summarized that he too is human who has experienced insecurities along with his enormous success.  Isn’t it crazy that his words gave me the peace required to create a page full of questions for him!

Yes, we all have moments where we want to throw in the towel and give up.  Sometimes it’s most intimidating of experiences (that could lead to something greater) that drives us to meet our demise.  For now, I’m just breathing and hoping on all hope that I will create an experience for The Cult that makes their interaction with me enriching and memorable.

So as I go through this terrifying experience I want to recognize those who have come and who are yet to come!

Here’s to all of you kick ass, rocking bloggers out there that work your butts off everyday, look after your children, & market your blog!  I know that we all go through these emotions and I want to let you know that you ALWAYS will have a cheerleader in your corner!

That person is ME!

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