When I was a Child, Easter was fun! AS much as I love Christmas, when I look back to my childhood Easter was my FAVOURITE!

The Easter Bunny used to make a trail of chocolate eggs leading my brother and I to our present which would be 1 spring outfit, spring toys such as a skipping rope, bike, chalk and other things like that and other stuff as in chocolate. My brother and I LOVED doing this hunt because not only we get presents we got EASTER EGG CHOCOLATE!!!!!

Fun Fact: Easter egg Chocolates are my FAVOURITE Chocolate!!

Some other family events leading to Easter were special since I can remember doing them… My mother used to bowl eggs and then call my brother and I up to decorate. Our eggs looked horrible after we painted them, but Mom showed us how to make it look nice!

Somethings I wish I had done were Easter egg hunts at a church or something on that line… 



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