My greatest Kayne moment is on Get Em to the Greek where he say’s “I’m covering this shit all over the outside of my house.”  Yes, when the world hands you a Jeffery, stroke the Furry Walls.

Kim Kardashian is doing just that as she awaits her divorce with NJ Nets Kris Humphries.  New love is on her mind when interviewed by Ann Curry on the Today Show Thursday morning.  Answering respectfully that she understands that Ann must ask these questions.  Although Kardashian says nothing about the blossoming relationship with Kanye West she states that she’s a big fan of his new song….that also disses her ex-husband

Kim then explained that she’s been friends with West for years and is excited for what the future holds.  We’ll see if this duo can withstand the test of time….and Kayne’s incessant verbal diarrhea.

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