Yes, history has been made here in Canada.  Elvis didn’t do it! Bing Crosby didn’t do it! Nat King Cole, with his beautiful voice, didn’t do it either.  It was at the Juno’s, on April 1st, 2012, that Michael Buble accomplished the impossible with Christmas Melodies!   His Christmas Album, Christmas, took home the JUNO for Album of the Year.

Recording artist deadmau5 poses with Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers on the red carpet during the 41st Juno Awards in Ottawa April 1, 2012. Photograph by: Patrick Doyle, Reuters

When Deadmau5 was asked his thoughts of Buble’s win, he looked a little baffled and replied that, “It must have been a hell of a Christmas Album!  Kool, tis the season I guess.”

Life’s a Blog is somewhat stupefied that an album, which plays for a span of 6 weeks, can accomplish such an honour!  Sheesh, only in Canada!

As well, did the Juno Organizers schedule this date too late with the amount of no-shows?  The Sheepdogs (winner), Drake (winner), Justin Bieber (winner), and Michael Buble (the big winner) were all MIA!   The show was short, sweet, and filled with regrets for not attending.

I thought William Shatner did a fabulous job as the 2012 JUNO host, but was disappointed that he was too tired to do interviews in the CTV Media Room.   However, it is understandable for an 80-year-old man, who finished off the show scratching records, to feel fatigued!

My overall thoughts of the red-carpet is that we need a Canadian Cojo to speak to the artists and engage them in order to take the award pre-show up a notch.  We need more hype on Facebook and Twitter!

To really make a knock out show next year, the JUNO organizers must schedule the event well ahead of time (like tomorrow) to ensure that the nominees will be available.  I simply can not rationalize how four Canadian artists (one being a former host of the Junos) dismissed their roots intentionally.  Impossible!

Overall, I think the 41st Juno Awards were a dismal fail.  I enjoyed participating in the CTV Digital Media Room and I loved listening to the artist’s thoughts!  We did not have any of my questions asked but that too was expected.

Next year, count me there…even if it is street side.

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