Let’s face it teenagers, parents don’t know anything about today’s teens and their issues.
They complain when they get home late from work saying it was a hard day at the office and saying how they feel so pressured and hate working and they wish they had the stress free life of a teenager blah blah blah. I don’t think parents understand at all that us teenagers have alot of things on our mind! I don’t think parents realise that we have a 7 hour days at school and some of us teenagers work after school! I don’t think they know what kind of stress us teenagers carry!

Teenagers Stress 

  • Working Nights/Weekends
  • 7 hours at school
  • Homework
  • Paying Bills Car insurance/Cellphone
  • Saving for College education
  • Saving money for future requirements or fun
  • Weekend Plans
  • Friends and Enemies
  • Making time for ourselves
  • Making time for Chores
  • School Activities/ Outside of School Activities
  • Learning to drive

I don’t think parents understand at all what we have to go through as teenagers! It’s not like the 80’s where everyone was jolly! We have so many things to do and so many things to learn!! While dealing with drama, time management and stressing over little things here is how I reduce stress at School,Work,Saving Money and how to manage your time!


School and At work! – I go to school as a grade 11 student and I work as a night babysitter obviously in the nights. The hours aren’t bad at all but the thought of just school then going to work stress me out constantly. On days where the stress in unbearable I just remember the WEEKEND is coming up. Also if you get paid on a certain day that’s also something you can look forward too!
Here are things I do reduce stress at school and work when it’s not going so well!

  • Don’t count the hours 
  • Avoid situations that might cause stress – 
  • Take your time! 
  • Have a daily schedule to manage your time wisely 
  • Think positively 
  • When homework stresses you out, take your time!
  • Think how school and working will benefit your future!  



Saving  Money – For me I haven’t over come that bump in the road, I spend money like crazy I probably have $0.04 in my bank account!! I either spend money on food or clothing or things for other people! What i’ve realised is that I have to stop because I will be needing alot of money to buy a car and to attend college in the near future! Here are some tips to save your money wisely! Even though I’ve mentioned that I suck at saving!

  • Don’t carry all your cash at once 
  • Think before you buy 
  • Make a savings account
  • Give your parents money so they can save for you!
  • Make a dream list (things you want to buy) so you can feel inspired to save! 
How to Manage Your Time- Managing my time is one of the things I am AMAZING at. When it comes to time I like to spend it wisely! Usually if I have a busy day, I like to make sure I have a list prepared so I know how much time do I have until I have to move on to the next thing. For Example
Saturday Morning 
10:00 am
  • Wake up
  • Have breakfast
  • Relax
11:00 am
  • Spend 45 minutes cleaning washroom
11:45 am
  •    Tidy my room for an hour or so
1:00 pm
  • Make a snack,
  • spend an hour or so to make myself look half decent so if I make plans to go out I don’t have to waste time getting ready.
That’s usually what it looks like, maybe not so detailed and longer but I just wanted to give you an example…
One thing i’d like to say to the parents who are having a hard time dealing with their misfits teenagers would be;
Don’t have debates on who has more stress in their life, help each other out! Yeah it’s hard to deal with some stuff, but you’re a family! Work together!


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