My first weekend was very entertaining at Young Drivers Of Canada! I was warned that the next two weekends would be EXTREMELY boring… But apparently I had a different experience then my friends did.

Even though I have one weekend left of in-class lessons at Young Drivers, my first weekend was extremely amazing.  Obviously the friend who warned me that the in class sessions would be very boring didn’t go to Young Drivers!

I entered Young Drivers tired, cranky, and truthfully, I wanted to go back to bed.  I sat down at my desk waiting for something interesting to happen when one of my friends walked in. It felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders since I knew that I wasn’t going to be alone!

When the class started we watched a video. The video was Peter Christianson (President of Young Drivers) speaking about his horrendous incident that had happen when he was four years of age then telling us a little about him self! He finished off the little prep speech by telling us (the classroom)  why he created Young Drivers! The end of the videos I was very happy that I decided to go to Young Drivers after knowing the history behind the course.

When the class started things started to get interesting.

The teacher was very funny and explained things every well! I actually think she was magnificent and had a good approach to teaching and I wish some of my high school teachers would take on her approach and actually make the class fun!

The class was very easy to stay focused (I have issues with that). Their was a lot of video watching,graphs, news clipping and much more!  I can’t wait to go back this weekend!

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