Everyone can create the perception of a perfect life, perfect family, and perfect kids……..until those little cherubs grow up!  Legendary Hockey player, Wayne Gretzky is no different when it comes to his coming of age children.

Not only is Paulina Gretzky sexy, but she also knows it and flaunts it for all to see on Twitter and Instagram during a weekend in Las Vegas.   This week the Vancouver Sun shared pictures that Paulina posted on her Instagram calling them “shocking” and “dirty”.

Gretzky, 23, appears to have had another bout of picture posting remorse and has taken a few of the pictures down.

I often see Grampa Gretzky at the local Tim Hortons in Brantford.  Perhaps the only solution is to have Ms. Gretzky hang out with Walter for a while, drink coffee, and sign autographs for the locals that visit the busy coffee shop.  If you haven’t already met Walter Gretzky, he loves being a local celebrity but is very humble about it.


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