The butterfly effect theory describes small changes can affect large, complex, and even unrelated systems.  Panelists speaking eco-psychology session at the Go Further with Ford event included: Cher Fischer, author and eco-psychologist; Peter Glatzer, Filmmaker and co-founder of; Adrian Grenier, Actor, Filmmaker and co-founder of; John Viera, Ford Global Director of Sustainability and Vehicle Environmental Matters; Liz Heller, TOMS Shoes; and Tim Sexton, Social Responsibility Brand Development.

The Session was a Whirlwind of Emotions

Man what a cutie Adrian Grenier is eh?  Humina Humina.  Don’t stare Trina….don’t stare.  Opps….he sees me staring…look away.

Despite being completely teen girl star struck, John Viera, of Ford, spoke so well about their small innovations I managed to get thrown right back into listening (The purpose of why I was there!)   Ford has some really fantastic ways of teaching green to drivers across the world such as the SmartGauge with EcoGuide, Brake Coach (loved this one), EcoMode, MyFord Touch with EcoRoute, and MyFord Mobile.  I’ll get into the whole spiel in my next post all about the sessions presented to us!

Back to Adrian, who used the words “seduction” and “sexy,” during his presentation.  This cause my heart to flutter and sent me right back into my pathetic 39-year-old “Take Me Away Adrian” dirty thoughts process numerous times.

Oh yes, to quote Anastasia from 50 Shades of Grey “My inner goddess did 50 flips no hand cartwheels and then bowed at his feet!”

Adrian and his partner, Peter Glatzer, spoke about their website   SHFT is a multi-media platform founded by film producer Peter Glatzer and actor-filmmaker Adrian Grenier. Their mission is to convey a more sustainable approach to the way we live through video, design, art and culture.  Attendees were given a sneak peek at the documentary created about Bill Ford, his passion for sustainability, and how Ford has transformed in making positive changes today with an eye toward improving the future.   It was incredibly fascinating listening to Bill Ford’s story of struggle and success.

Back to Adrian Grenier

Despite experiencing a stalkerish incident early in the day, Adrian spoke well but looked incredibly anxious to finish his day (we were the last session).  He stayed for a few photo ops and quickly vanished into thin air.  Later that night, he tweeted asking about local Detroit hot spots.  I replied ever so helpful and said “My room in Dearborn!”  He didn’t come so I went for drinks with my eye on the lobby door!

In all seriousness, the Ford Go Further Event was an amazing experience for those interested in not only automotive, but for the eco-friendly enthusiast, family man, and mother of two.

Check out my video and pictures to see more!!  Continue reading throughout the weekend for the full story of Go Further with Ford.


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