The Ride for Heart is a mere two days away.  I am feeling very nervous and excited.  I know that I’ve put in long hard hours at the gym, had some struggles getting out of the gate due to injuries, and forged ahead without looking back.

It has been a learning experience of a lifetime.  My whole body deteriorating has been an experience of a lifetime….a horrible experience.  I have a few words to those young girls who believe that a little extra weight is nothing serious.

I was that girl

In my late twenties and for most of my thirties, I could do anything despite being overweight.  I was flexible, happy, could walk and have fun with my children.   It only hit me like a ton of bricks late last year.  I had troubles walking, breathing, and even a stair climb would bring me to my knees. Speaking of knees…ouch!

Then came the rapid heart beats and even more shortness of breath.  I knew it was time because I would not live to see my daughter or son married if I kept this up.

I am doing the 25km Ride at the Becel Ride for Heart Challenge on June the 3rd.  I don’t know if I’ll make it all the way through, but I’m going to make an honest effort to do so.  I am going with the intention of finishing what I started but I will not take drastic risks.  With a good trainer, I know just how far I can go.   I over trained the last week and my quads are a little sore.  I will persevere.

Braun’s is Bicycles

I wouldn’t have been able to do this without support.  Thanks to family and friends, I have raised over $1,000 for the Heart and Stroke Foundation and I’m still taking donations until the last day.  Goodwill is everywhere!

A gentleman named Pat from Braun’s is BICYCLES in Kitchener contacted me one day in April.  He explained to me that he saw on Twitter that I was looking to buy a new bicycle in preparation for the Ride for Heart.  He offered to assist me in making a sensible purchasing decision.

Having an older bike, I was going to go to the local Zellers or Canadian Tire to pick one up closer towards the race…I’m so happy that I agreed to meet with him.

Pat helped me out so much through the buying process.  He is a seasoned rider and knows what he is talking about.  He was also a great help in understanding good nutrition before the ride, what to have on hand during the ride, and some information about my over-training incident over Twitter.  These are important things to understand, when preparing for a ride, that I would have never received at my local big box store.

Braun’s has been around since 1925.  They are located in Cambridge, Guelph and Kitchener, in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. The original location in Kitchener — Braun’s 16,000 square foot Superstore — is still located within a block of where it all started. Departments include Bicycles, Specialty Bicycles, Fitness Equipment, Car Racks, Accessories, Clothing, Eye Wear, Health Products, Pro Shop Parts and Components and Repairs & Maintenance. We have the privilege of having some of the best staff on our team of bicycle industry specialists.

So upon my departure, I asked Pat if I could write about Braun’s is BICYCLES outstanding service and perhaps have a giveaway for bicycle riders new and old.   He was most appreciative and agreed to offering one of my readers a $50.00 gift certificate to celebrate their grand opening sale running from May 31st – June 16th.

Enter today for your chance to win and get healthy with me!!  I can’t wait to give you an update on my success this Sunday.  Afterwards, we’ll see you on the trail because I plan on keepin on, keepin on!

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