I’m in somewhat of a dilemma today.  It’s a fight against business protocol and personal morals. I am the type of person who, if you lose your shirt, I will give it to you.  Now there is criteria to that.

  • Do you work hard?
  • Do you make the most of your time?
  • Do you really need the money?

If so, then I will help you without a second thought.

Sometimes, I’m too generous when I see a company struggling. I will devote free time giving them marketing advice and promotion.  All for the sake of helping.  So far, life has been good to me and my charity hasn’t caused me any grief.

I am a person with really high moral values.   I do not like to see good people taken for granted.  When someone is down and out, it’s my belief that you need to pump them up, rather than enable a Debbie Downer attitude.

Business vs. Morals

Without divulging too much information, I am in a pickle.  Someone that I REALLY care for is in a bind.   However, another person wants to stake their claim (money) while knowing the dire straits that they are in.  I think that is just so wrong as I sit and watch it all transpire.

My sentimental side says to me, “STOP!!  Pack up and leave!”
My professional side is saying, “It’s just business”
My moral side is already out the door, running for the hills, and saying nothing.

Perhaps this is the reason I do not foresee myself as a business owner. Charity only goes so far when one is striving towards financial freedom.   I get that.

However, I really do think that if one works hard, plays hard, gives accordingly, and can go to bed with a clear head every night knowing we did our best, then we’ve done our job well.  There’s really no need to tap someone dry if you’re successful with other endeavors.

Business is Business – Pay the Piper

For two years, Bell Canada representatives and Collection team, persisted to get their $12.94 from me even though I cannot get their Internet in my home. They harassed me at home and at work. In the end, I was spent from arguing, so I paid the bloody thing.  I wonder if it was really worth their time to prove a point, no matter how wrong it was.

So here I am again…..I sit, I grin, and I nod in order to keep the home fires burning.

You think I’m going to do that?  There isn’t a chance in hell.  As I write this post, I know what I’m going to do…….take the high road.

If rumour about Social Media being their savior is true….then I shouldn’t have a problem with my good business morals.

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