For the last week my head has been thinking about just one thing and that would be the #MMVA I AM SO EXCITED!
This time I will be teaming up with my friend and be super sneaky about it!!

Like I said I am so excited all lunch we were hunting out what is our plan to hunt down all the celebs and a few shopping destinations as well! We are hoping one direction will be there because well … she is overly obsessed with them and well…. they are beautiful 😉
Aswell HMV usually has a autograph session with some of the guest! So check out the HMV on Queen Street!

Anyways, I am excited to meet ALOT of performers but especially LMFAO because i’ve been listening to them since i’ve heard of them in 2008 (Or maybe 2009)
I remember my friends cousin taking us to wonderland the day after they went to see a LMFAO concert the whole time they were singing “SHOTS” and well acting crazy because of how awesome they were as performers! Sadly enough I am not 19 and usually there shows are 19+ so i’ve never had a shot to see or meet them!!
I am just so excited because I finally have the chance to meet them!

Anyway, where will you be staying while in Toronto for the MMVA. Best guess your sleeping on the streets because the line up will be crazy or there isn’t any hotels available .

If you aren’t staying on the streets where do you think you’ll go?
See I am the kind of girl who grabs a Toronto map  and map out where the celebs are staying and stays out all night also usually performers have rehearsals till 11 o’clock the night before.

And because of rehearsals most of the performers will stay close to the stage…Well unless they are extremely famous (The famous ones stay on bloor Four season or the place across the street) but usually a celebrity like Justin Bieber or with my experience last year with Cody Simpson. They stay at the SOHO by lake shore.
Now I promise you that I am not accurate and last year was just a lucky guess and ran into Cody at 11:00pm last year plus I was with a bunch of girls who actually talked with Cody and his sister Allie via twitter but also when we got to the SOHO Allie’s close friend Madison Pettis came out. We asked if she could call Cody and tell him to come see us because we were big fans. She obviously did, we all hungout outside of the SOHO for maybe 15 minutes. It was great. Then Cody came down and also chilled for a long time.
It was awesome.

Anyways throughout the week I will post MMVA Survival Guide. 

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