There is a lovely lady in Social Media land named Gingermommy. Her blog, Tales of a Ranting Ginger, is followed regularly by thousands. She was my first friend on Twitter and the ONLY person who would answer my questions about making your blog work.  She was just as new as I was at the time but she had a wealth of information.

I appreciate Gingermommy because:

  • She has given back to so many and is never afraid to help a new blogger start their journey.
  • She works tirelessly to make her followers, family, and friends happy.
  • She’s a woman who tells it like it is and is not scared to give her opinion.
  • She didn’t mind keeping me up all night during the Ford event in Detroit, even though I was slipping off my chair with fatigue (and I didn’t mind either!!)
  • She keeps on, keeping on and everyone knows how much admire people like that

Yes, we have a social media icon here who did it all by herself.  I simply love her to death and I can’t wait for another experience for her to keep me up ALL…NIGHT….LONG!

So with her other friends, we are hosting a Pay Pal Giveaway valued at $120.00 USD.  You only have June 5-6 to enter – so in true Gingermommy form…GET ER DONE!

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