As you all know that my family and I are on vacation. We are in Gaspe, Quebec visiting family and friends.
I think Gaspe is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and I would love to attend school here because of the fact you look out the window and there is a beautiful view!

We are travelling in the Volkswagen Passat! Let me tell you, I am a heavy packer and so is the rest of my family! The trunk hold all of our bags/suitcases! There was about 5 suitcases, a cooler and maybe a 2-3 bags.

Anyways, I walked a trail in Forillon Park, It was beautiful… To bad my father and brother couldn’t keep up with me! 😉

Here are some pictures from the Vacation! 🙂

Usually I hate cars! But this one is not that bad!!









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