Since my first time driving I feel more confident on the road.  Driver’s training has made me feel more confident on the road.

Many people assume that because we are teenagers driving on the road they think we want to show off and go fast but in some cases that isn’t the case. Many teenagers have had experience with drivers training and I don’t believe older people don’t realize that we are trained to drive safe.

Now, I’m not defending every teenager because there are some idiotic ones who do drive fast and show off.
I learned in my in-class sessions with young drivers that there is actually a small percentage of teenagers that actually go fast to show off.

I saw an internet meme that said “driving with parents” and it shows a picture of a teenager driving calmly with a parent and then the lower half of the picture “Driving with friends” and it’s a jeep with teenagers where they were going fast and being idiots.  It’s a funny picture because in some cases it’s true..

I understand why people are judgemental with teenagers driving on the road, but they really don’t realize that most teenagers are well-behaved drivers.

So the next time you see a teen getting gas, don’t assume that they be throwing dust at you on their way out.  Like ever adult, every teenager is different too!

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