Life’s a Blog is so excited to be attending the 2019 Boots and Hearts Music Festival in Oro-Menonite (Burl’s Creek Event Grounds).  We plan on taking advantage of the music, the events, and the food!

For those attending the festival, here is your guide to get you there and settled to enjoy your weekend.

Go here to go to my ultimate guide on what to pack and food list for Boots and Hearts.

#1: Don’t forget your wristband

RFID wristbands contain a chip that allows customers to scan in and out of areas. This makes for a better experience, as security staff do not need to look at each person’s wristband.

Wristbands will be mailed out 2-3 weeks before the event to the address on the ticket order. Any orders placed after the mail-out period must be picked up onsite.

#2: Plan your travel

With thousands of fans coming to see their favourite artists, it’s no surprise that there will be traffic delays. Plan accordingly so you don’t miss your favourite act. We are recommending that commuters plan the best they can to avoid Friday arrivals between noon and 7pm.  During this time, they should be prepared for delays of up to two hours.

Alternatively, campers can come and set-up starting as early as Wednesday, August 9th at 3 p.m.

#3:  Put Away your Glasses

Boots and Hearts will be the largest licensed festival ever held on Ontario ground. Reasonable amounts of outside alcohol will be permitted, however glass containers of any kind are not allowed on the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park property. That doesn’t mean you can’t bring alcohol or soft drinks into the campsite – just make sure it comes in plastic containers or cans. All glass containers will be confiscated upon entry to the festival – no exceptions will be made.

#4: Bless Mother Nature

Of course, this being Canada, it could be raining one minute and bright and sunny the next so try to prepare for every eventuality. Bring along both a waterproof jacket and light summer clothes, both rubber boots and sandals/flip-flops, both a small umbrella and a sun hat, sunblock, and sunglasses, and so on. This way, you can enjoy Boots and Hearts, whatever the weather may bring.

#5: Water, Water Everywhere

Staying hydrated is key to having a good time. We will have drinking water standpipes in the campsites and the arena. Bring along some plastic containers (not metal bottles) so that you can refill. Alternatively, you can also bring factory-sealed plastic water bottles.

#6: Leave the fire wood at home

As much as lighting a little fire at night might feel cozy, local fire regulations do not permit fires anywhere on the Boots and Hearts Festival site. If you do get a fire going, it will be put out, so best to leave the wood at home.

#7: Leave the valuables at home

For those camping, we recommend leaving the valuables at home. While we have been working diligently with local police to provide security, there is always the potential to have someone go through your tent. And, while you may be a neat freak at home, we recommend keeping your tent messy so it’s harder for “wandering hands” to find your valuables.

#8: Bring Other Useful Items

If you plan on having a beer or two, be sure to bring your photo ID. Other handy items are: ear plugs, bug spray, beach towels or small blankets, toilet paper, wet wipes, disposable cameras, low-back chairs, Frisbees and hacky sacks.  Portable phone charger!  I highly recommend bringing one!

#9: Some other no-no’s

To make sure you are prepared for check-in, organizers are reminding ticket holders that no pets are allowed, except guide dogs for the blind, nor are beer kegs, hard coolers (except in campgrounds), professional cameras, audio recording devices or laser pointers.

#10 Keep it Clean

We’ve all previous after the show disasters!  Garbage bags will be given out to campers upon entry.  Please use them and the garbage drop off zones. This will help keep Burl’s Creek beautiful and avoid any accidents that may happen due to excessive trash.

Don’t forget to have fun, take lots of pictures, and smile!  These events are prime for making memories!

For a complete list of rules, visit the Boots and Hearts Website.



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