Before I had Lavish Dream Hair extensions, I had extensions that was from a local beauty store you had to buy the hair and sew in clips which took about 2 hours to measure out the hair and sow the clips on the extensions.

When I received my Lavish Dream Hair Extensions  the clips were already sewed in which made my life easier already.

The only thing I had to get use to was the length, usually I have 12 inch hair extensions that go to the bottom of my shoulder blades and the Lavish Dream Hair Extensions that I had received were I believe 18 inches, which ended up the hair landing below my breasts.
I still have to get them layered and shorten abit because I’m not use to it, but other then that I have no problem styling them. I love the long hair it’s just hard if your relaxing and they get tangled in your clothing!

I’ve worn my hair extensions to a few parties the only thing is if it’s a pool party you have take them out because you don’t want to tangle and ruin them but I did have one experience where I was pushed into a pool with my extensions and they didn’t fall out but I did have to go and brush my hair out to avoid tangling the extensions and ruining them!

I love the extensions because they look real and make you look amazing! I get alot of compliments when I wear them “Your hair is beautiful, I wish I had your hair etc” when I tell them they are hair extensions and most people are shocked unless they are my close friends and know the real length of my hair!

I get alot of questions about the hair and here are just a few:

Q: How long does it take for you to put in extensions? 
A: Depending on the style that your going to wear and the condition your extensions are in from the last time you wore them it doesn’t take very long. If the extensions are laid out and brushed then I can do anything with them and a matter of minutes! Installing the extensions only takes 10-15 minutes styling your extensions only takes you a few minutes! If your going to curl your extensions then you should pre-curl them before putting them into your
hair (there will be videos up soon!)

Q: If I’m ordering online how do I know my right color? 
A: When you order from Lavish Dream you can send a picture of your hair to an e-mail so they can help you but usually you just can tell! When you receive your extensions there will be a test strand of hair so you know for sure if its your hair colour!

Q: How do I take care of your hair?
I usually brush my hair extensions once a day even if I’m not wearing them! Also I put products on my hair extensions so they can get oils and not get frizzy!Plus hair needs oils to make it healthy and putting oils on your extensions keep them healthy! So I have a routine that I do every day to keep them healthy! 🙂

Q:What products do I use on the extensions? 
A:It’s literally a big long list!
First I brush them with a normal hair brush and use two kinds of detanglers! I use Garnier Fructis Clean and fresh silky secret leave in detangler for normal hair by Garnier! It smells so good then another Garnier Fructis detangler called double care colour treated hair it makes your hair shine and it also norishes your extensions! ! then I put products in a local beauty store hair product on which is from Sally’s its a hydrating styling gel with hydrolyzed wheat protein for frizz control this will prevent your hair to frizz, extensions don’t really frizz but when it’s a hot day they do get a little frizzy I find! Lastly I use Joico K-Pak color therapy it’s a restorative styling oil that repairs your hair and help the extensions maintain healthy!

Those are really the question I get asked but I’m sure i’ll have a list of questions for next time!

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