Our family, who resides in Gaspe, Quebec giggled at me as I scurried the city looking for a wi-fi connection to check my tweets and Facebook posts. Unfortunately, I have no wireless service here in Gaspe Quebec and it is a little distressing.

I claimed defeat and acknowledged that many businesses do not offer open wi-fi services.  I decided to throw in the towel and enjoy the moment.

We have been having a ball with our family!  We have been to Forillon National Park, Perce, Indian Head, and have had many fantastic family gatherings.

Perce, Quebec

My Dad recently had a hip replacement and he’s doing great.  We haven’t been able to go around sightseeing with him, but my Mom came to Perce with us and it was a great day!


There are so many things to see and do for the nature lover!  It’s a shame that this area will one day be desolate with the growing senior community and the lack of youth in the area.   Tourism is down as well and it is my considered opinion that Quebec Tourism doesn’t promote the Gaspesie to the Americans and English Community due to the language barriers.

Enjoying Bahama-Mamas at my Sister In Law’s House with a majestic view


As everyone knows, a social media enthusiast doesn’t claim defeat THAT easily.  I did manage to equip my parents and sister-in-law with wi-fi over the week.  🙂

Check out my slide show to truly appreciate the beauty of the East Coast.


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