2012 Toronto International Film Festival – Celebrity Sighting Tips

Gerard-Bulter-TIFF-ChristinaWith the Four Seasons Hotel closed, on Bloor and Avenue, and much of the interviews and promotions held at the TIFF Bell Lightbox, finding a celebrity will be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Life’s a Blog learned this the hard way last year where we found ourselves at more Red Carpet events and running around like a chicken with our head’s cut off.  I’m a snap and go kinda gal who doesn’t like waiting long hours at one venue to spot a celebrity.   I’d really prefer that they come to me rather than me stalking them.

So where will you spot a celebrity at TIFF 2012?

  • The Ritz Carlton Hotel, on Wellington Street West in Toronto, housed many celebrities last year.  With the closure of the Four Seasons hotel, I am anticipating even more celebrities selecting this hotel during their stay.  This was a perfect venue to spot a celeb from afar. Some of the celebrities were gracious enough to come and sign autographs.
  • Sazafraz Restaurant is another popular hot spot for celebrity sightings.  Personally, I’ve never spotted a celebrity there, but rumour has it….(100 Cumberland Street,  Toronto)
  • Hanging out in Yorkville.   Yes, the Hazelton Hotel is yet another venue to spot a celebrity.   Last year, U2’s Bono was spotted several times leaving the Hazelton only to stop and sign autographs for his fans.
  • Windsor Arms Hotel is another popular spot for celebrities.  The Windsor Arms has hosted many TIFF parties in the past and it is also a venue where interviews are held over the 10-day event.
  • Red Carpet Special Presenations and Galas –  If you’re up for a little bit of cat fights and pushing, the red carpet is the place to be.   I personally hate it as I would prefer seeing a celebrity in their natural form rather than being dolled up to the nines and begrudgingly signing autographs.
  • Bloor Street.  I am a browser, not a stalker, while walking around Bloor Street.  However, there have been several celebrity sightings over the years on Bloor, and especially at Holt Refrew.
  • The best way to spot a celebrity?  Follow the folks with the long lense cameras as they know where to find them.  Last year, TIFF threw paparazzi and celebrity stalkers for a loop during the day, but it was no holds barred when the sun went down.  While spotting the paps in a desolate alley near TIFF Central, I missed taking part in the first George and Stacy sighting had I not opted out and went to my hotel for some shut eye.  The next morning when People Magazine posted the picture, I was like AWEEEEE that’s who they were waiting for.
The advice that I like to give everyone when venturing to the Toronto Film Festival is to:
  • Enjoy the experience.
  • Be grateful that you are taking part of an International event that is close to home.
  • Embrace even one celebrity sighting and hope that it is memorable (yes, there are many celebrity a**holes who won’t give you the time of day).
  • Visit the TIFF Bell Lightbox.  It’s truly amazing and informative.
  • Take in a movie and listen to the Q&A after the movie (You’ll never watch a movie the same after that!)
  • Eat some great food and interact with those around you!

As always, you’ll see me and my daughter on the streets of Toronto the first weekend of the event.  As well, we’ll be part of Team Blackberry and promoting the Toronto Film Festival through hashtag #TeamBlackberry  #TIFF12.

See you there!

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