For millions around the world gaming is an enjoyable and exciting pastime – one that offers an amusement that can’t be found anywhere else. Ladbrokes, the leading online betting and gaming company, offers a huge array of gaming styles to suit everyone’s taste and budget and get their blood pumping at the same time. Whether it’s placing a bet on your hockey team to win the Stanley Cup, taking a spin on the roulette wheel or filling some free time with a game of bingo and a turn on the slots you get to have some fun, and if you’re lucky could even win a little money.

Whether its online games or a bet placed quickly in the bookies before you watch the game in the pub it all has the same effect – adrenaline. In poker the challenge of outwitting and reading your opponent is what gets the blood pumping and heart racing with every game. Many poker players will tell you there’s no better feeling than knowing you have a great hand at poker, and that edge of your seat ‘will I win or lose’ mixture of hope and anxiety is what keeps fetching people back to any form of gaming again and again.

To treat all you adrenaline junkies out there – Ladbrokes is giving away a $200 silver experience voucher from which can be used for anything from an ATV Wild West Adventure to a Beer Appreciation Masterclass. To win you just need to answer this question:

Which one of these is not a poker hand?

a)      A Queen’s Crush

b)      Four of a Kind

c)       Royal Flush

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