Paul-Shaffer-Canadas-Walk-Of-FameThanks to Molson M, I was invited to attend the 2012 Canada’s Walk of Fame in Toronto, Ontario.  A little under dressed for the occasion (clueless!), however I was ready to celebrate being a Canadian with the six inductees.  (I will add that we were better dressed then inductee, Randy Bachman and that made me feel quite comfortable!)

The Ed Mirvish Theatre wasn’t a full house. This took me by surprise as it was such a special event for Canadians and the mezzanine was only half full!

The show opened with Canadian Paul Shaffer, from the David Letterman Show, dressed in a gold suit and singing his opening number with none other than Randy Bachman.  Paul was a fabulous host and played the part of master of ceremonies meticulously.

First up was inductee Sarah MacLachlan who received her award from Jann Arden.  What an inspiration Sarah is.  She has accomplished so many things above and beyond being a musical artist.  Someday I will interview her.

The second inductee was Sonia Rodriguez.  Her acceptance speech made me so proud to be a Canadian. I did not know about Sonia before this event but I will assure you that I will be following her career going forward.  Such an inspiration.

Other inductees included, Phil Hartman, Randy Bachman, Russ Jackson, Melanie Fiona, and Team Canada 1972.  Every story told was inspirational and heart-warming, as each inductee expressed their dedication to their craft. However, it was their joy of being a proud citizen of Canada that gave the show such a patriotic feeling.

The show closed with Paul Shaffer and Randy Bachman singing Taking Care of Business.  Absolutely amazing!  I had one of those ah-ha moments about how my little old blog has brought such memorable opportunities for my family and I.

I felt proud and patriotic as I left the Ed Mirvish Theatre that evening.  I felt a sense that anyone of us in Canada is capable of achieving our goals and being all that we can be because of our freedom in this great nation.   In ten years, I’d love to say that I accomplished something that grandiose.  Ah, to be 20 again, I would have taken on the world so differently.

The next day, I sat my kids down and gave them, what I think, is the biggest piece of advice that I could give them as teenagers.

“You have no bills, you have no kids, and you’re living with us.  Live your dreams, make mistakes, and never give up on being what you want to be. Take advantage of every moment of your youth and appreciate your opportunities surrounding you.  Life’s a dance and you can’t sit on the bleachers in fear of being laughed at.”

Don’t forget to watch the pre-recorded show on Sunday, October 14th at 8 pm. on Global television or Slice TV.  If you’re in the Toronto area next year,  this is an event not to be missed.


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