When I received my G1 I was so happy. I felt my nights of studying paid off!

I was looking forward to receiving my actual license in the mail, but I was way more excited to drive home for the first time.

Getting your G1 is one of the most amazing feelings in the world! You are one step closer to becoming an adult! Ever since I’ve got my license back in March, I find my parents treat me like I’m adult and even though I whine and cry sometimes I know when I’m behind the wheel they see me as an adult not their little girl!

Even though I’m looking forward to driving alone and not having to have a parent drive with me, I’m going to miss the after school driving sessions I’ve had with my mother! I will miss her teaching me the little things! But I will admit, I will not miss driving with my father (Such a baby). My parents see me in a different light since I’ve received my G1 and they treat me like an adult and with a lot of respect.

I’m very thankful for Young Drivers! I’ve learned so much from the in-class and in-car lesson and compared to other driving schools in my town I feel confident to say Young Drivers IS the best.

Most of my friends tell me they are disappointed with the courses they’ve taken at other driving schools. One friend compared her work book to my Young Drivers booklet. Young drivers booklet was simple, and still had everything she learned in her in-class. Her course also made her do homework which she wasn’t entirely happy with since she is an academic student and she had tons of homework after school, PLUS her drivers training homework.

I am growing up quickly and it all started with getting behind the wheel.

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