Lady-Gaga-Weight-Gain-2012It has been reported that Lady Gaga put on a few pounds lately.

30 lbs to be exact!  So what’s the big deal? Lady Gaga can shake a pound off a night with the phenomenal performance that she gives to her fans.    It has been also reported that allegedly her record label requested this increase in weight for quite sometime now.

Weight gain is something we as women struggle with constantly.  Young girls are so entranced by their weight that eating disorders are on the rise.

I hope that Lady Gaga’s free spirit and no-holds barred attitude will show our younger generation that it’s OK to be the size you are and enjoy the finer things in life.  So many girls avoid situations where their weight will cause them internal grief and misery.

More junk in the trunk or not, I personally can’t wait to see Lady Gaga in Toronto on February 8th, 2013.    Will you be going to see her?  Where?

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