Emily Piggford as Naya. Photo by David Lee.

The epic sci-fi short film FROST will be part of the Short Cuts Canada programme at TIFF.

The sci-fi short film FROST was an extraordinary short film creation leaving marks in the snow with stunning visual effects.

Newcomer director Jeremy Ball brings to life the reality of arctic hunter, Atanaq, who is struggling with scarcity and feeding his family.  What comes as a surprise is that his young daughter, Naya, ventures out on her own to help her family, only to find a cloudy desolate city in the distance and a few surprises as her journey progresses.

“An interesting twist “, I thought as the short film progressed.  It immediately reminded me of the Will Smith film, I am Legend where there are many aspects of humanity, such as our will to survive, that will always outwit newer age technology.  This is where the sci-fi aspects of new age film begins.  It was something that I wasn’t expecting as I watched the 13.5 minute short film.

Jeremy has spent the past eight years working in visual effects and art direction on such films as The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, The Flowers of War, Conan the Barbarian¸ The Kite Runner and The Painted Veil. Having recently completed the CFC’s Cineplex Entertainment Film Program’s Directors’ Lab, and a MA in Film Studies from the Beijing Film Academy, Jeremy brings a distinct voice and style to the Canadian film landscape with FROST.

Oscar Hsuu as Atanaq. Photo by David Lee.

FROST is set to be one of the biggest discoveries during TIFF as the short film clearly articulates that  it’s not the size of the film that matters; it’s what you do with it.

I can’t imagine that Ball’s intention is to create a continuation to this piece as the story begins and ends with a clearly defined message that leaves the viewer with much to think about.

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