Today I stumbled upon a list. A list written by a 90 year old man.
A list of lessons that he learned from living 90 years. 45 Life Lessons…
Today I’m starting a segment of blog post that I will write during the next few weeks… They will be about how I will apply his life lessons to my daily life to make my life as enriching and meaningful as I can.

Lesson number one : Life isn’t fair, but it’s still good.

Okay, so I had to think of how I will apply this to my life… but I think I found a way.. Sometimes the little people don’t make the cut and I understand that, I always find that I am the little guy who is always left out and that really sucks. I believe sometimes life isn’t fair but it’s still worth living.  You shouldn’t give up life because of one problem or one little thing stopped you from doing something you want to do.. I will put this lesson towards my battle with depression. I find that usually every fall, I fall into a deep depression where I can’t find a single cell in my body that is happy. It makes me very tired, hungry and very stressed out ( and obviously sad) but still… I will be applying this lesson to the days I don’t feel good enough to be Christina. I have to remember on the days where I feel lonely and left out that life isn’t fair but that isn’t a reason to be upset with life itself and it’s not my fault for having a mental illness such as depression.


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