Canadian Bachelor Debut As CFL Journeyman, Brad Smith Grabs The Rose

brad-smith-bachelor-canada-2012Bachelor Canada opened to rave reviews but they were nowhere was the show rated as a highly as the star. Brad Smith, a wide receiver and slot back in the Canadian Football League, as well as Disney Prince Charming look alike, stands among group of gorgeous princesses. Brad, a self-professed movie buff, said, “Watching that limo pull up was like being in a stage three heart attack. I was sure they would pull out one of my ex’s!” “It was surreal watching that episode,” he continued, “as everything was extremely close to the actual experience. You hear so much about reality TV being scripted that you do not believe it until you are actually in it.”

The show held its own as Brad is first introduced to us by bursting onto the scene from a swimming pool in slow motion. Hearing his tale of being a journeyman professional athlete was enough to understand why he enjoys going to a movie by himself. The show had the oafish and unsettling moments as he tries to understand that 10 of the girls have to go today, however, he was intelligent enough to save one last rose for Ana, who for some reason got the extra rose. Whitney took the first impression rose and looks to be the front runner for villainess of the season. Season 1, episode 1 was a blockbuster of epic proportions as Mindy, Tracy, Tina, Rebecca (Bubba) who delivered the line, “I don’t chase dick!” on national TV, Jessica, Clarice, Amber and Sandy are all gone.

Get ready to watch each week as the cat fights explode in the hopes of catching the one true “Bachelor” in Canada.

Written by Trina Stewart

Trina Stewart is the editor-in-chief at Life's a Blog. Currently working through life separated from her husband and finding herself, Trina loves concert photography, hanging out with her single and married besties, and cooking. Stay tuned!

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