1.I listen to music that matches my mood so I have 10000 playlist on my iPod

2.I’m not a drug addicted and I hate drugs and how they make you feel and everything else like that..

3.I love every genre because music is so beautiful even if someone is screaming.

4.I’m afraid of love. I barely say it to my family members

5. I have a hard time in school friend and education wise… I don’t test well

6. I keep losing friends that mean so much to me but what hurts me will make me stronger.

7.I feel this blog is helping me so much because writing means alot to me

8. I have big dreams and I haven’t done anything to start making them true

9.Everytime I walk into school my stomach turns.

10. I’m myself and I’m done changing to fit in with my ‘friends’


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