Female-Lazy-PantsI have to say that since I’ve received my Lazypants I can’t seem to get out of them.  I’m a huge fan of sweat pants, active wear, and yoga pants to wear around the house or to bed…

Geez, I can’t seem to detach them from my legs. I can’t explain how comfortable they are and plus they are very stylish.

I wore them to school this week and a lot of my friends,who are also like me (sweatpants lovers), asked where I bought my sweatpants. They loved the signature bird insignia on the pants! When I told them they come in many colours they said they’d defiantly check out the site!


I absolutely love the pants and for sure will buy all the colours because I think they’ll end up being my sweet little addiction.

My Lazypants are grey! Lazypants come in all sorts of colours, such as pink,red, yellow, blue and well your normal sweat pant colours!

What’s really great about these pants are that they are uni-sex!  My boyfriend and I currently have a joint custody agreement with them. (See Tweet Right)

Check out the photos I took of myself and my boyfriend in the grey style Lazypants! 🙂  Give them a follow on Facebook and check out their holiday fashions!

About Lazypants


Answering your pleas for a true premium fleece lounge pant that is durable, maddeningly comfortable, and better constructed than some of the well-marketed pretenders out there, we promise they will quickly become your new addiction. The debut colors for Spring/Summer ’12 are Navy, Charcoal, Grey, and Dark Teal – with over a dozen new colors and combinations in the upcoming Spring/Summer 2013 collection


Designed in Toronto and then have them handcrafted in Istanbul with heavy attention paid to detail and using only the finest Turkish cottons









This product is a great 2012 Holiday Gift Giving Idea for the “lazy” man or woman in your life.  Check out how to buy online today.

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