ENVY Sleekbook_RearRight_Open_BlackRedAfter my We Day experience last Friday, I arrived home to find that my HP Envy 6 Sleekbook arrived compliments of HP Canada.    I was so excited to start testing out the system and see how much power this lightweight laptop truly had.

Of course, like any business person, there was a full day of transferring software, files, and pictures before I could truly be in my realm. In the midst of it all, my Passport Hard Drive broke and I thought I lost everything until someone introduced me to Data Recovery Software.  Ah-ha now we’re back in business.

Between the time that the backup began and Mom took over, my teenage kids took a test drive of the machine and its capabilities.  My kid’s are electronic junkies and want the newest and greatest systems out there.  Unfortunately, this Mama can’t spend over $1,000 on a laptop.

Overall, we are an HP Family.  We have three HP Laptops and one wireless printer.  We have one 6-year-old desktop that came from MDG which we’ve upgraded to keep my husband happy and in his man cave.  We also have a 2-year-old Dell desktop computer that my son uses and complains about constantly.

My 15-year-old Son’s HP Sleekbook Review

“The new Sleekbook that arrived at our house is a powerful system that will play most of the PC games that requires an above average video card.  The sound system is amazing for a laptop and I love the zoom feature on the mouse.”

Review-HP-Envy-SleekbookMy 17-year-old Daughter’s HP Sleekbook Review

“The new Sleekbook is light weight and easily transportable.  Unlike my current HP laptop, the Sleekbook allows me to bring more homework home :).   (Joke)  I love the backlit keyboard feature as I generally network online right before bed with the lights off.   Even though I want a Macbook, I’m more familiar with PC. Therefore, I think that the HP Sleekbook is a great alternative when you’re used to a certain platform.  The Beats Audio component provides amazing sound whether I’m listening to my iPod songs or a YouTube video.

My HP Sleekbook Review

After many hours of frustration due to my external hard drive, my Sleekbook was setup and ready for business. After three days of consistent usage, I’m thoroughly enjoying  the HP Envy 6 Sleekbook.  Like Christina, the back light on the keyboard is amazing. Generally, I find myself squinting to type in passwords in a dimly lit room.

I am the type of person who has many windows open at any given time.   Adobe, Outlook, Tweetdeck, and Power Director were all working simultaneously without any lag.   This is heaven on earth for me as I am one of those people who hates seeing the blue circle doing its thing for a long period of time.

ENVY Sleekbook_FrontLeftOpen_BlackRedWith the Sleekbook’s HP CoolSense technology, Ido not “feeling the burn” of having the laptop on my lap for long periods.   I’m not much of an audio person as I prefer to work in silence, however, for the typical teenager the quality of sound, provided by beatsaudio, is a feature to be reckoned with.

Overall, I’m quite happy with the system and the neat features that comes with it.  The computer shuts down in less than 10 seconds and that’s a good thing because when I’m done, I’m done.

So there you have it……..if you want to find out more about the HP Envy 6 Sleekbook and take part of a fabulous offering, please continue reading.

Notable Specs and Features of the HP Envy Sleekbook

  • The HP ENVY Sleekbook has an eye-catching metal design
  • This ultra-portable laptop features Beats Audio, dual speakers and up to 9 hours of battery life
  • The 15.6″ HP ENVY Sleekbook is a lightweight in form only – inside it’s packed full of heavy-duty components like the latest AMD processor
  • The HP ENVY Sleekbook starts at only $699.99 CAD


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