There are many reasons that holds your average teenager back from getting their G1. Here are the 10 most heard excuses (in my case)

1. Don’t have enough money – It’s only $125 dollars and $10.00 if you fail. Ask for the G1 test for your birthday or Christmas.

2. No way to get there – Apparently no one can drive them or they can’t take the bus…

3. My parents don’t want me to drive in the winter – BULL CRAP. It’s good to have your G1 in the winter because you could easily go for drivers training. Also, driver’s training lowers your insurance.  Plus you can do the driving part in the spring!!

4. No time – It takes 15 minutes to write the test. It’s not that time consuming.

5. Parents don’t want me getting my G1 – That’s the biggest lie. All parents want to see their kid have their G1… Unless they are over protective…

6. I don’t want to drive – Trust me, you want to drive. It’s ALOT of fun.

7. My parents wouldn’t let me drive their car. – You can go for drivers training! They have their own cars. >:)
8. No money to pay insurance – You don’t really need insurance until you get your G2 and that is 8 Months to a year or so away.

9. Procrastinated – Come on, you got to get it done (Keturah)

10. I will fail –   It’s $10.00 to re-take the test, and hey, it’s simple and common knowledge. All you need to do is study or take the online test!

So, what I’m trying to say is but those excuses away and get your G1 today! 🙂

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