Okay, SO I have extremely, extremely short hair! Thankfully, I have extensions to hide the horrible and tragic thing I have on top of my head (it’s really bad.
Like I said I have short hair and it’s VERY hard to hide/cover up. For the next few weeks or whatever I will be showing how I blend my extremely short hair with my beautiful and long hair extensions with my short and ugly hair.

– This is my first day to school picture, I took it on my Iphone. I had it all straight, nothing really special.
I’ll probably do a tutorial on youtube on how to blend short hair with long extensions…


– This next hair style is simple to do, I will probably make a tutorial in the next few days on how to do it! It’s really easy, actually to be honest it’s the easiest style to do. Well I think it is…


– This one was on my lazy day where I still want to look nice but not always trying, I’ts just a un-straighten hair style then my short hair tied at the back with a bow or a hair clip holding it back, I usually wear this one because it’s the fastest to do but it is also difficult to make it look like its all the same hair.

–  Okay, so you really can’t see the bun, but there is one. So obviously me with short hair I can’t have a large and awesome bun so I use my old and warn out hair extensions and I tie them together and make a nice clean bun. I will most defiantly will do a tutorial for this style!

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