M-A-D at Madonna!  The last two dates of her North American MDNA Tour leaves fans angry.

Photo: AP

Yes, Madonna has been known to beat to her own drummer but honestly, this is something that would have pissed me off as well.   Miami was the final destination of Madonna’s MDNA tour and she reportedly arrived over three and a half hours late after its scheduled start time.

Twitter was wild with fans displaying anger about  the wait.  Even Perez Hilton, who is a huge Madonna fan, showed his frustration.


Officials for the MDNA tour blamed technical problems for the delay but promised fans that the second Miami show on Tuesday would start on time.

Madonna started at 11:00 pm on Tuesday night amid boos from the crowd.

I wouldn’t normally write about things of this nature, but I’m rather ticked off how people with money and prestige thinks it’s OK to keep everyone on their clock.  No consideration.  No kindness.  I love her music. I just wish she’d lose the attitude.


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