Tesco-Guess-WatchI am a person who flies by the seat of her pants.  Since I started in business, I have never owned an organizer or a watch.  As 40 approaches, I’m noticing more and more that I’m forgetting appointments until the last-minute AND that time seems to pass by so quickly when I’m doing my own thing.

I have finally purchased an agenda as my feeble efforts to use my smartphone and tablet isn’t working.  My agenda is now steadfast in my handbag at all times and miraculously I’m using it faithfully.  So with this base accomplished, I figure now is the time to get a new watch.   I’m not a jewelry kind of girl but what I do have is made of gold and are timeless pieces.  I enjoy wearing my emerald ring and my 14 karat gold necklace most of the time.

My holiday wish this Christmas is to receive a watch that is timeless, yet not too heavy on my wrist.   I don’t want it to be too fancy because you can find me in jeans quite often, but it can’t be too casual that it won’t suit business or evening wear.   Honestly, I think selecting a watch is much like purchasing a handbag where one must try it on to see if it suits their personality and needs.

So Toby and Kids, please take heed in knowing that all of the opinions within this post are 100% my own.   You now understand what I want, now to get out there and buy one to put under the tree this Christmas.  Love ya!


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