THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jacques Boissinot


Quebec Premier Pauline Marois is trying to change the face of tradition once again by sticking the Quebec symbol in the middle of the poppy during an inaugural speech on October 31, 2012.  The Royal Canadian Legion says veterans are insulted.

Margot Arsenault, the Legion’s provincial president, accuses the Parti Quebecois premier of playing politics, adding that veterans are very upset because they fought for Canada — not just for Quebec.

She says she’s even sent a letter to the premier saying it’s not proper to wear the poppy with a pin inside.

“Her objective was not to create a controversy,” said Marois’ director of communications, Shirley Bishop.

“Madame Marois has a lot of respect for veterans and a lot of respect for all the people who’ve lost their lives for their homeland. The fact of putting a fleur-de-lis was not at all, not at all, a political act … She’ll continue to wear the poppy but, given the controversy, she will not put the fleur-de-lis.”

I think this is the biggest bowl of bullshit us Canadians have ever been served.  She’s a steamroller who wants to abolish the English Language in Quebec to ensure that the French language remains in the forefront of their heritage.  She could care less about these veterans  with this vile symbol of patriotism for her “country”

Little does she realize (or perhaps she does) just how many English-speaking Canadians there are in Quebec.   These include my mother, father, and in-laws who are at odds with how they will communicate with medical and government with her in power.  It is my considered opinion that her actions, since taking leadership, completely violates the Human Rights Act of Canada.  Her innocent actions of sticking the Fleur-de-lis unacceptable and the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back.

A woman of her stature should know better than this.  “Given the controversy”……..what about given the history of these veterans?   My advice Pauline Marois?  Get a new PR Rep and give us a break!  Put someone in leadership that cares about the rights of each and every citizen of Quebec.

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