2013 Vision BoardIt’s that time of year again.  A time to perform a reconciliation of life lessons learned in 2012 as the New Year approaches.

The year 2012 has been dreadfully difficult for my family.  Sure, we have our health as well as our love, but the strain of  bills and money has been fatiguing.   Surprisingly so, it has been a difficult year for many according to my visit with the Olive Readers, spiritual psychics and clairvoyants in Cambridge, Ontario.  Why do I take solace in this?  Why, when I hear this, do I feel relieved?

Thank God a new year is approaching.  Many of us are writing down our resolutions and planning to change life up yet again!  I’ve decided to the opposite.  Today I am revisiting all of my ghosts 2012, reviewing the lessons learned and the lessons to remember going forward.  No more resolutions.

First and foremost was a visit to the Olive Readers this morning.  Since the beginning of 2012, I have aligned myself with very spiritual people.  People who have made an impact to my spiritual side this year includes Laurel Crossley, Marietta Snetsinger, and Candace Hawkshaw, and of course, the Olive Readers.   I think this speaks volumes in regards to my course in life.   I am so focused on sales, marketing and how to measure and create an impact to their bottom line that my bottom line ends in $0.00 accumulated and many stress wrinkles gained.  I have come to understand the cost/benefit of being ME!

Vision Board 2012
Vision Board 2012

This afternoon, I have been reflecting on my vision board that I created earlier this year.  As I reflected on my creation, I realized that much of my visions (despite financial despair) came to fruition.   Many that came to light didn’t come to surface with glad tidings and cheers, but as warning signs.   For example, my mission towards clean eating didn’t happen, but this recent revelation of gluten intolerance is going to force me to make better choices.  My financial despair is also a result to many aspects of my vision board too.

I have taken the road less traveled  disposed of the anchor, and lived my best life.  HELL, I was three rows away from Oprah Winfrey at the Toronto Lifeclass.  This year, I have discovered my love of interviewing people and my knack to ask questions from the heart, rather than what the norm wants to hear.    I interviewed Paul Brandt, Ian Astbury, and several CBC celebrities.    The best is yet to come and I have been living it.

I have also experienced unhappy clients.  The only way to learn about structuring business is to ride the horrible wave of having an unhappy client.  I’ve come to realize that I cannot please everyone, but I can work hard to make them a bit happier in their journey.  Through this experience, I’ve come to realize that I’m a teacher, not a consultant.  I thrive on providing knowledge to those who want to know rather than scheming and worrying about the ROI of an incentive.

The Olive Readers did inform me today that in light of this client’s disappointment, my creation will drive more business to me.  Which in itself brings solace.

I’ve got a few more days to decide the direction that I want to take, but I’m sure it’ll take a few days more to solidify it.   I will let you in on a little secret that the Olive Readers disclosed today.    According to their readings, much of their clients will either experience affairs and a new birth.   Neither one is in my cards though.

What did you experience in 2012 that you want to share?  What did you learn?  What is your vision for 2013?

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