Okay, so today I will be telling you about Hello Kitty make-up. I’m very happy to be adding Hello Kitty to my collection of make-up that is for sure. So enough about me rambling and on with the review!

Wild Thing Make-up Palette – Hello Kitty.     Retail Price: $59.00

I love this palette! It’s full of pretty, fun and great colours! This palette is great for ALL season! Light for spring and summer and dark for fall and winter! The palette also includes a compact and liquid eye liner and let me tell you this is THE BEST liquid eye liner I’ve EVER used and I’ve used MANY!!
The eye liner is black and very cute, it creates any kind of shape you want because the brush is so tiny and easy to use! I really recommend this kit! It looks great on any skin colour and is fun for ANY age.





Wild Thing Brush Set- Hello Kitty.  Retail Price: $59.00

I’ve been asking for a brush set for a while now. I really enjoyed using it so far all the brushes are very handy. Plus the whole set itself is ADORABLE. It comes in a hello kitty model and when you take off Hello Kitty’s head you find the 5 brushes. I like the arrangement of brushes also!
Brushes are soft and feel nice!





Wild Thing Roller Girl – Hello Kitty.    Retail Price: $26.00

This is by far my favourite thing to have in my purse. It’s super cute and small so it won’t take up a lot of room in your purse or wristlets! It’s easy and you can take it anywhere! It comes in such a cute zebra print bottle, it’s adorable! I find it’s great for anyone of any age! The smell is fun and it smells great! I’m not the greatest at describing smells so I think it’s best if I don’t describe it ;p





Wild Thing Comb – Hello Kitty.     Retail Price: $14.00

This comb is great to have in the shower when you’re trying to detangling your hair! It’s also very useful for anyone who adds any kind of oil based product in their hair/extensions.



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