1. NORAD Santa Tracker 

Every year (when I was a child) my mother would set up the NORAD Santa Tracker.
That’s one thing I remember from every year!
It’s awesome to go back to the site and look back at all the times i’ve spent waiting for santa to arrive and wondering where he is!
I found a video chat from December 13, 2012 posted on Youtube.
Santa had a Video Chat from the head quarters of NORAD.

Check it out!

2.Hot Chocolate by the Christmas Tree
Hot chocolate is one of my favourite winter drinks, I love to gather around the tree with my family every year and guess what my parent’s got me..
It’s fun and delicious!

3. Sit Around the Tree and Talk about Your Favourite Christmas Memory!

I love looking back and talking and laughing at our previous Christmas memories! It’s fun for everyone to look back and notice how times fly!

Well that’s a few of my suggestions on what to do this evening…But hey, leave somethings you like to do on Christmas Eve with your family in the comment section!

Merry Christmas to ALL OF YOU!


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