If you know me you would know I love food and my favourite kinds of food would be Italian, Boston Pizza has every kind of Italian dishes that one can only imagine! Pizza to spaghetti Boston Pizza couldn’t get any better BUT I guess it does. Boston Pizza added several new dishes to their menu.
New dishes include: Pulled Pork Penne, Pasta Nachos, Butter Chicken Fettuccine and the Massive Meatball Spaghetti —a hearty six ounce meatball surrounded by a signature sauce
I can’t wait to try the Pasta Nachos! Here are pictures of their new dishes!

Director of Culinary and Executive Chef Michael Gray says “We love surprising our guests with innovative and unexpected twists on popular food items. With our latest pastas, something as simple as nachos is transformed into a completely new taste experience and a trendy ingredient like pulled pork takes on a different form.”

To introduce the pasta feature, Boston Pizza has launched a campaign warning guests that the latest pastas may have the potential risk of converting them from a casual food lover into a pretentious foodie.  This humorous approach is designed to highlight how the superior quality of ingredients might make an everyday guy suddenly feel like a food connoisseur. The TV spot cautions potential guests with the tagline, “Careful you don’t become a foodie”.

I think Boston Pizza has a lot to offer their guests! I’m defiantly excited to go to my local Boston pizza!

I should add that the seven new pasta dishes are only available till March 24!  So make sure you go to your local Boston Pizza and try these dishes!

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