Before you start reading this review/perspective I just want to say I’ve tried to make this review pretty clean and tried to leave out spoilers. 

I recently watched Oscar nominated Django Unchained and I have to be honest… I felt very forced to watch this film because I had the choice to either watch Silver Lining Playbook or Django Unchained.

Django Unchained was not my first choice.

I didn’t feel like watching this kind of movie in a theatre… I didn’t want to spend my money to go sit in a movie theatre for 2 hours and not being interested in what was going on and plus I thought it was going to be to much action, not funny and no romance.

I was completely wrong… I was very intrigued from the very beginning because of the opening credits!

Being a huge old classic movie fan, where I have watched many western/action/horror films from the 40,50 and 60’s  the credits brought made me back to those movies. I got very excited and seeing the opening credits put a huge smile on my face.

The beginning you see a line of chained up black men walking through the desert… Me being the lazy person I am, I felt so bad for these chained up guys who have to walk together for so many miles. I’m glad it didn’t go on for that long because boy it made me tired just thinking of walking for so long in the steamy hot desert without shoes on. It wasn’t until the 10-15 minutes into the movie that a dentist named Dr.Schultz who rode up on his horse looking for Django. He asked the two men who had purchased the slaves (one of the slaves being Django) from some auction. Dr.Schultz nicely asked the men to kindly shut up while he asks Django a few questions.   Dr.Schultz shoots one of them dead and then shot the other guy’s horse who ended up falling and crushing his rider’s leg. What is kind of about about that part is that there wasn’t a lot of blood or guts being tossed around.

Dr.Schultz talks to Django and unchains him. He tells Django to go get the dead man’s horse and whatever else. He leaves a gun and the key with the other chained up slaves and rides off with Django.  As the story continues, Django and Dr.Schultz ride into a town where many people are rather shocked to see a black man riding a horse. Dr.Schultz rides into a bar asking to be served the bartender says not right now and and that lead to Dr.Schultz refusing to leave. The bartender leaves to get the town’s Sheriff.  When the Sheriff arrives, Dr.Schultz shoots the Sheriff and that is when the Marshall arrived.  As it turns out, the Sheriff was wanted for something and Schultz proves to the marshal that he was obligated to kill the town’s beloved Sheriff.   Marshal believes Dr.Schultz and has to pay him the ransom fee for catching the criminal The adventure begins with Dr.Schultz and Django by his side.  . This is where we see the KKK riding up to Dr. Schultz’s dentist cart.

Now, like I said before I didn’t want to watch this movie because there was no romance.  Believe it or not, Django Unchained does have a little bit of romance in it.  Django helps Dr. Schultz with his bounty hunting duties but asks for Dr. Schultz’s help in return. Django is a married man whose wife was sold in the same auction but to a different person. Dr.Schultz gave Django his word and than they continued to look for Django’s wife. Believe it or not, they ran into many funny and tragic situations. We are introduced to many different characters such as the handsome Calvin Candie, who I must say is extremely handsome and a funny character.

Girl Rating; 1-10 (1- being no romance and 10 being way to much romance)

Romance: 7

I rate the romance a 7 because it’s a man who is looking for his wife in a dangerous time! He rode into Mississippi with his horse, keeping his head high and being confident that he would find his wife.

Violence: 8
(1- being not so violence 10 being way to much violence)
I rate the amount of violence in this film a 8 because there was a lot of violence but it wasn’t like guns being shot every other minute in the movie.

Story Line: 10
(1- Very doll hard to follow along, 10- easy to follow and very interesting)
I rate the story line a 10 because I was NOT at all excited to see this movie, I thought it would be hard to follow not funny no romance and to much action but I was wrong. This movie was excellent  I could follow along and had many scenes where I did not expect something to happen. Alot of shocks in this movie and it wasn’t all hollywood I expect this to happen. It was not like that.

Gore: 6
(1- not alot of blood 10 – to much blood, blood bath)
I rate the gore factor a 6 because there were a few parts in the movie where there was a lot of blood but I was happy to not see brains and guts. I absolutely hate when they do a close up on a dead body in the movies!

Acting/Actors: 9
(Choices of actors/actresses and how they portrayed their characters)

I rated the actor/actress choice a 9 I think they all did a fabulous job but I was  shocked to see Jonah Hill in this movie.. I am a huge Jonah Hill fan and he did a really good job playing his role (even though it was a short role). Another actor I was shocked to see in this movie was Samuel L. Jackson. At first I didn’t think it was him. It was until he said something that made me check if it was actually him in this movie. Usually when I watch Samuel L. Jackson in any movie I always vision him as Neville Flynn from snakes on a plane and that usually ruins the movie for me… But It didn’t this time because he just looked so old, short and in a way different.. I hated the character because he was a total prick but I loved Samuel L. Jackson playing him! It was very different not seeing him as Neville Flynn for once!

Everyone did an excellent job playing their parts in the film. I was extremely impressed by Jamie Foxx and Christopher Waltz chemistry during the film. I don’t think anyone could do a better job at playing Django and Dr.Schultz. I was also impressed by Leonardo DiCaprio playing Calvin Candie. I also think no one could portray Calvin Candie like he did. Plus he is extremely dreamy.. (You’ll always be my screensaver on my laptop by the way)

Overall Experience: 9
I was very happy with this movie, I was very shocked at the ending and very happy with how everything turned out. I can honestly say that this movie was the best movie that I have seen in awhile.  It is also my favourite movie directed by Quentin Tarantino.  I think he’s such a great director because he always has an interesting twist in his movies as he plays around with history (making situations easy to laugh about). I’m really pleased with this movie especially for a girl.

I haven’t heard any bad comments from any of my friends that have seen Django Unchained. I think Quentin Tarantino mastered this film making it friendly to both males and female audiences.  So Bravo Quentin Tarantino!

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