On the website www.Nohomophobes.com, they count daily on how many times people tweet the phrases “No Homo” , “So Gay”, “Faggot” and “dyke”.

The site runs like a news feed only displaying people who have tweeted out “No Homo” , “So Gay”, “Faggot” and “dyke”. I think this is despicable and incredibly embarrassing because people can see who you really are.

I can not believe the growing number. It’s not even 10:00 am where I am and there has already been 12,337 tweets that used the word “faggot”, 3,147 tweets that said “No homo”, 2,747 tweets that used “so gay” and 954 tweets that use the word “dyke”.
I have said this before but I like to say I have no respect for this generation.

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