Okay, so I was just chillaxin’, doing my thing on Reddit.
I was kinda upset and felt a little lonely.
I saw this ADORABLE picture of a baby gorilla holding a dandelion and thought “I feel like that today” I feel easily amused today..
So I decided to make some pictures and tell all of you how I can relate to the pictures…

So I found pictures to describe how I feel about relationships, school and emotions in general 🙂


Today I am easily amused and can look at one thing for an hour and be content.

My relationship with my mother ;


My mother pushes me to try my best and to go to school… Other than that this picture is adorable and reminded me of my mother.

How I feel right now on my spare, cold and bored but relaxed and don’t want to go home


gotta love global warning.


My relationship with my brother;


Brandon, my brother is always ignoring us and well…. I’m always bothering him to get social with us more.

How I feel lately;


I’m just way to tired.




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