On January 4th, photos of Justin Bieber allegedly smoking weed, in a Newport Beach hotel, surfaced on the celebrity gossip site, TMZ.com.  It has been reported that these pictures were taken on January 2nd, one day after a paparazzi was killed while trying to take pictures of Bieber’s Ferrari.

According to TMZ, the night consisted of a smoke-filled room, Bieber’s security paying no attention to the photos being taken, getting the munchies and Bieber’s friend Lil Twist keeping the doobies rolling.

It has also been reported that the girl in the photograph spent the night.

With all of the gossip aside, as a teen Mom, I’m seeing more and more teens smoking pot more than cigarettes these day.  They are convinced that pot is safer than smoking or drinking. I am curious by nature and I ask questions.  Some of these teens revealed that they smoke up daily.  Many of them receive the pot from their parents (who also smoke up) to ensure that what they are smoking is safe.  Personally, I’m appalled at this fact.

I am not a pot smoker and in fact, I’m absolutely against any form of drugs, including prescription medication that is used long-term.  Perhaps, I’ve had a nasty experience with drugs that thwarts  this new wave perception that rolling a joint and sharing it with your children is “right”.

I try not to judge and I hold a still tongue often due to the fact that this is a growing phenomenon where my opinion is often perceived as old-fashioned.

I look at Justin Bieber photos where he’s caught smoking weed as normal these days despite my opinion.  It’s not a shocker to me anymore when I see someone smoke up.  What are your thoughts on teenage pot smoking?  Are you one of these parents who smokes pot openly? Do you have a teen that smokes pot on a regular basis?

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