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Breaking news from TMZ.com, that Lance Armstrong reportedly confessed to Oprah that he cheated and used performance enhancing drugs during his pro-cycling career.  Their sources?  The Associated Press.

It has also been reported that earlier in the day, Armstrong gave a tearful apology to Livestrong stating that he was sorry he let them down.  Livestrong has not confirmed or denied these claims at this time.

I’m feeling a little dubious about this leak because I can’t imagine anyone in Oprah’s presence who hasn’t signed an iron-clad confidentiality agreement.    With a very delicate interview like Lance Armstrong, I can only imagine that secrecy would be tighter than ever.  If this is fact then someone is going down at Camp Oprah folks.

However, according to Oprah’s tweet, he came READY.  Could that mean he arrived armed with his legal team in tow?  Did he invite other media sources to witness his confession and in return they had to stay quiet until Oprah’s Next Chapter Episode on Thursday night?  Nah, this isn’t a soap opera……couldn’t happen.

If Lance Armstrong did admit to any wrong doing, there could be a lot of legal ramifications for the Tour de France cyclist, including criminal prosecution for lying during previous legal proceedings.

I am going to be tuning into Next Chapter on Thursday to find out.  Will you?

Sigh………I don’t know if I believe it.  What do you think?


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