Social Media For DummiesOver the past two months, I was asked to review two Dummies books involving social media and business.  Social Media Commerce for Dummies, written by Marsha Collier, is a phenomenal book for businesses who understands the importance of incorporating online marketing with their traditional marketing plan.  This book takes you to the next level by providing insight on building their consumer base online, how to attract their target market through various social media and review sites, and how to track results.

In regards to tracking results, I’ve always been very adamant that the only thing that matters is how many relationships you build and how many people went to your website to read the information that your sharing.  Social Media Commerce for Dummies provides additional venues to track much of your social media results, such as Facebook Insights and  After reading this book, I will be using much more frequently.

Overall, Social Media Commerce for Dummies is a great book for new businesses as well as people like myself who like to quick reference without reading the whole book to find what I am looking for.

I have always been a huge proponent of the “Dummies” books and would recommend Social Media Commerce for Dummies as a great addition to a business’ social media library.  This book, in addition to Online Reputation Management for Dummies,   provides the tools required to successfully launch a business’ social media marketing.

Happy Learning!



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