If you know anything about today’s trending fashion you would know that Galaxy shirts/leggings/shoes are the newest sensation. I decided to find out how to do them myself. Believe it or not it is VERY SIMPLE

All you need is

  • Bleach
  • Garbage bag
  • Box
  • Fabric Paint
  • Brushes, Sponges and heck you can even use an old tooth-brush…
  • And most importantly You need a solid dark colour shirt (Purple,Navy,Black)

What’s great about this project is that you really don’t have to be an artist to know what you’re doing.
The first time I did make a few  mistakes (Example, not letting the bleach set… I was very excited to start) but the second time my results were a lot better.

Before you start spraying bleach all over the place make sure you are wearing clothing you don’t care about and make sure your floor is covered. Luckily I have a concrete basement and it wouldn’t matter if I spilt any kind of bleach on it…

If you are doing the Galaxy shirt, you should decide if you’d like both sides of your shirt  to be part of the galaxy or if you just one side to be part of the galaxy. If you just want one side take boxes (I used pizza boxes) than lay them inside the shirt and because I’m a paranoid freak I put garbage bag on top of the boxes and inside the sleeve arms (With first shirt, second shirt was a tank top)

So I guess let’s get started!

Step #1

Put clothing bleach in a spray bottle. Make sure you mark the bottle stating that it is bleach… After that Spray your article of clothing with the bleach then wait for the magic to happen. Make sure you spray various times in different places and make sure you spray at different angles and height…


Snapshot 1 (03-02-2013 12-01 AM)


Step 2:
Once you are happy with the turn out of your piece of clothing wash the bleach out and dry it completely.
This may take a while, but at least you can get some chores done waiting for it to dry (you can either machine dry it or air dry it… it doesn’t matter) After you are done take a look at what you’ve created… make sure you’re happy with it before you start adding the paint… I did that mistake the first time!



Step 3

Time to start painting. Now you want to try to add colours that look spacey so I went with blue,yellow,orange,pink/red, teal
and purple. Then grab a few brushes (doesn’t matter what kind, I only used a thin brush) and what you need the most THE SPONGES.. I do not recommend having a sponge brush. I actually broke one of mine and found it easier just to use a sponge without the handle… Make up sponges from the dollar store are a cheaper alternative!
Snapshot 3 (03-02-2013 12-03 AM)

Snapshot 4 (03-02-2013 12-03 AM)

Step 4

I tried to make sure I covered most of the black part of the shirt with the blue fabric paint to give it more of a spacey look and it turned out pretty well… Then I just added the different colours randomly, blending them in and it turned out pretty good…

Step 5:

After you’re done make sure you have gold glitter fabric paint and spread it every where on your shirt to make sure you give it some waazzaamm

Snapshot 2 (03-02-2013 12-02 AM)


I’m extremely happy how my galaxy shirt turned out! Especially my second one! I really recommend doing this to an old shirt and bring it back to life. It’s fun and a creative!

If you do make one please tweet me your photo! 🙂

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