imagesTomorrow I start my first day of in class drivers training at Training Wheels.  I wish I had got my stuff together earlier and started training as soon as I could, then I could have been driving on my own by now.  I am a procrastinator. That’s just who I am!  So I guess I’ll go in tomorrow with a positive attitude and be ready to learn. I have a lot of time to make up for.

Why did I chose Training Wheels in Cambridge, Ontario?  

I chose to go with Training Wheels driving school mainly because of price.  I work only part-time, one-day a weekend at a poultry farm so price is a huge factor for me as I had to pay for my drivers training almost entirely on my own.  The total cost for their program is $650.00 if you bring a donation for the Humane Society, which I think is a great cause.  They have a payment plan in place also , you pay $300.00 for your first in class, $175.00 for your first in-car, and $175.00 for your final in-car test.

I can’t wait to start learning tomorrow. I have heard a lot of good things from my friends about Training Wheels and I don’t know anyone who has failed the course.  I will continue writing about my experiences as I go.

Wish me luck! Thanks



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